Do-it-yourself e-Liquid

Do-it-yourself e-Liquid

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Do-it-yourself e-liquid

This is a really great and simple thing to do especially if you want to mix flavors or to try something new.

If you want to make your own e-liquid this is what you need: a syringe, a dropper, a little empty bottle (about 3 ml), a bottle of nicotine juice, a bottle of glycerin, a syringe stopper and the flavors that you want.

First of all make sure that all your devices are clean and ready to be used, wash your hands than take one milliliter of nicotine juice in the dropper. Remove the upper head of the syringe so that you can use it like a scale cup and place the syringe stopper at the end of the syringe there where the middle is usually placed. Drop the milliliter of nicotine from the pipette in the syringe. After this take one milliliter of glycerin (this is used for vapors, you can have less), and place them into the syringe also. After doing this you can add the flavors in the quantities that you think necessary. Don’t exaggerate because you might not be able to smoke it afterwards.

After you place all the ingredients in the syringe place back the end of the syringe that you got out but leave the stopper on its place. Mix the composition really well than put it into the three milliliter bottle. If you usually get experimental, don’t forget to label your bottle so that way you’ll know what you have there. The plastic or glass bottles can be reused, just make sure to clean them really well because some flavors wear off harder than others.

Take your electronic cigar and take a few drops with the pipette and pore them on the cigarette’s sponge. Enjoy!

You can always order online or buy from specialized stores different flavours for electronic cigars and play with them.

This is a very good way to have a smoke or to quit smoking. If you love smoking, you have to know that whit these elements, not that you’ll no longer smell ugly just like an old bar, but you’ll also be able to have brighter teeth and a pleasant breath smell. You can find your perfect mix and have a great healthy smoke.

Mixing your flavors is very easy and if you don’t have the dexterity to use a syringe you can get a scaled cup from the pharmacy and a larger dropper. Just remember to stick to the quantities.

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